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Onion seeds and onion sets

  • Onion seed
    Perfect propagating material is the foundation of every crop. PPA negotiates on your behalf in top class seed from all the major seed suppliers! We are happy to advise you on which type of onion seed best suits your personal requirements, soil type, storage facilities etc. We offer a flexible supply of all varieties of seeds. 

    Chicory seed
    Chicory is usually grown on a contractual agreement basis. The chicory grower indicates how many hectares of which variety he intends to buy in the coming growing season. PPA will then discuss the availability of plots with you. The soil you plan to use to grow the roots will subsequently be assessed using analysis results and previous history. This data is used to determine which varieties can be grown.  We will support you in the entire process of growing the roots.
    1st year onion sets
    PPA can negotiate on your behalf for TOP propagating material: vigorous and healthy TOP onion sets.  We offer a flexible supply of all varieties of onions.
    The material is grown on virgin, therefore disease-free, soil in north France.
    And accompanied by all possible certification, such as a mildew-free declaration and NAKT documents.
    In any required form of packaging - and we will not leave you with sub-lots! A shortage or a surplus- leave it in our capable hands!