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Commission trading

  • Every day, we fulfil our passion and challenge of bringing different market parties together. Our wealth of experience makes this a faultless and instinctive process.  Our team of 13 is active across the whole of the Netherlands. We mainly purchase/sell under the name of the principal (buyers, packers, processors, etc.). We use a digital document system to make an honest and clear assessment of every lot of onions. All the traits and details of the lot are recorded in this document. This information is amended after each visit to generate a clear and full description of the various lots. This ensures we can offer all growers the best possible market for their produce. And inform buyers about the precise quality of the produce they have purchased.

    Transport planning is also part and parcel of the daily activities of the team at PPA. To ensure this process is completed properly, each lot we buy or sell is accompanied by a delivery report listing all the relevant details. We can also provide invoicing services if required.