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Potato pool

  • PPA Group starts potato pool PPA Potato Starting with the 2017 harvest, PPA Group will be launching a potato pool - PPA Potato. In cooperation with the affiliated growers, PPA Potato, under the management of Michel van Oijen, aims to seize the opportunities in the dynamic potato market. According to van Oijen, there are plenty of prospects for individual growers to tap into. By marketing potatoes in a potato pool, PPA Potato can create and offer add value for its growers. It is also a way of sharing our experience and expertise in the pool system.
    PPA Group is no newcomer to the market. The company has experience in marketing agricultural produce dating back to 1994. Every year, PPA Group represents the interests of hundreds of onion growers by marketing their onions. PPA's onion pool was the very first, independent onion pool in the Netherlands and marks its 20th anniversary this year.

    Flexibility and reliability

    PPA Group is still looking for interested potato growers. As well as intermediation services for onions, the company is also entering talks with potato growers about the possibility of placing their produce in the PPA potato pool.
    The key values of flexibility and reliability that play such a pivotal role in the onion pool - for both growers and buyers - equally apply to the potato pool. PPA Potato wants to cooperate with all parties who can contribute to a successful potato pool.
    The potato pool will be supervised by a pool committee. They will monitor the sales and trading of the potatoes in this pool.
    PPA Group is mainly active in the south west of the Netherlands and Flevoland.  For further information, visit the website of, mail or contact
    Michel van Oijen on +31 653 405 740.