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Onion pool

  • Would you like to limit the exposure of your company to professional risk?  But still profit from the prices achieved over the entire seed onion season? Then the PPA onion pool is an excellent proposition for you. 


    The benefits:
    • You receive the average price over the entire season.
    • You can place all, or just part, of your seed onion yield in the pool.
    • We take your preference into account regarding the delivery time.
    • We are independent, with no ties to one particular buyer.
    • We operate under the supervision of, and in consultation with, the pool committee.
    • All the onions in the pool are sold during the entire season. We are not tempted by market dynamics, but stick to the pre-determined pool quantity. After all - that is precisely why you decided to participate in the pool system in the first place! 
    • We apply a clear set of conditions. You will not be confronted with any surprises at a later stage.
    • Our participants are extremely satisfied with our services and the results that have been booked.
    • We try to make an advance payment as soon as possible after delivery. However, this naturally depends on how prices develop during the season. The final payment is made in mid-July.
    • Our priorities are honesty and transparency!
    Since its establishment in 1996, PPA onion pool has achieved an average price of € 11.92 per 100 kg. The average figure over the past five years is € 12.36 per 100k g. The average price for class 2-1 of harvest 2015 was € 18.41..

    More information about the PPA onion pool? Please contact us